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Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I drop off/pick up my dog?

We have drop off everyday from 8am-9am and our pick up time is from 3-6:30pm. If you'd like to drop off your dog for boarding between 3-6:30pm, there will be a $25 charge for the night. We have a strict drop off and pick up time for all of our services to give your pup the attention he/she deserves during their stay. You can pick up your dog the morning (before 9am) after your last reservation day and there will be no charge for the day.


What do I need to bring with my dog?

Please arrive with a leash, a collar, and enough food to last your dog the entirety of their stay with us. We want your pup to feel right at home during their stay with us, you're more than welcome to bring their own bed, toys, and belongings from home to make their stay extra cozy. However, if your dog may chew things in the kennel or destroy them, please refrain from bringing belongings. If your dog needs medication please note that during booking and we will be sure they get whatever it is they need!


What kind of dogs do you take?

We take any dog, any breed, any age and any size. We have the capabilities to take both intact males and females. Please note that intact males and females will incur a $10/day charge.

If your dog struggles with reactivity and/or aggression we take them as well. Please note that intact dogs and dogs under 15lbs. may incur an additional charge to accommodate them. 


What is a Structured Daycare?

Structured daycare is the best daycare your dog can go to. We advocate for all the dogs in the pack. If you have a nervous or fearful dog we help them by not allowing the dogs to overwhelm them. If you have a dog that struggles being around other dogs for whatever reason, we guide them and help them be successful. Our goal is to provide a calm and safe place for your dog to be the best version of themselves.


Do you have different rates for weekend/holidays?

We do! The day before and after a holiday will incur our holiday rate. If the holiday falls on a weekend, the holiday rate will apply to the Friday before and the Monday after. Here is a list of the Holidays that will incur our holiday rate (All Federal Holidays):

New Years Eve

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Jr Day

Washingtons Birthday

Memorial Day Weekend


Independence Day

Pioneer Day

Labor Day Weekend

Columbus Day

Veteran's Day

Thanksgiving Weekend

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Get in Touch

Please let us know if you have any other additional questions! We look forward to having you and your pup soon!

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